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Are you starting your business or a tech company?

We help startup companies

Our non-profit service programs focus on startups which have high growth potentials with:
  • Unique and creative ideas, new technologies;
  • A solid team with experiences and domain knowledge;
  • Demonstrable and scalable business model, proprietary positioning;
  • Market traction, including early stage customers, partnerships, or proof of concept revenue.

We help raise capital with SVCE

Join our startup funding community

Our startup funding community is managed by a group of volunteers and supported by a team of venture capitalists and successful entrepreneurs who wanted to help talented people solve problems and create disruptive innovations. We offer free educational programs to support technology companies, and provide entrepreneurial resources and services together with our partners, investors, advisors and experts.

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TSVC Non-Profit Community & TSVC Giving Fund

TSVC Non-Profit Community provides free educational programs for entrepreneurs and startup founders in Silicon Valley.
We work together with TSVC Community to serve startup teams.

Details: TSVC Community (https://www.tsvcap.com/impact)

Startup Teams In Our Community

We welcome startups of all kinds of technologies to join our community.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Our VC partners invest in next big things of artificial intelligence technologies, as well as machine learning algothms and applications.

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Robotics and Autonomous Systems

We help startups working on the state of the art technologies and solutions in both robotics and autonomous systems.

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Big Data and Cloud Technologies

Big data is high-volume, high-velocity and high-variety information assets that demand cost-effective information processing.

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Blockchain Technologies

The rapid growth of all the blockchain technologies will have a wide range of revolutionary application scenarios.

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Internet of Things

More and more new business processes and systems are incorporating IoT, because of the non-stopping innovations.

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All Other Technologies

All technologies have the power to change the world. Funds are invested into entrepreneurs that are making an impact.



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